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Link Info Name Rel. Birth Death Gender Manager Marriage Status
De Peyster-30
Catharina de Peyster Child 21 Jun 1665 Utrecht, Netherlands 1734 Province of New York Female Ullrich-21

Q109646391 Pierre de Peyster Possible Father 1 Jan 1639 , 1 Jan 1710 , male
Jan Canon aka Cannon, Kanon Child before 3 Nov 1677 New York, Province of New York before 5 Oct 1748 Province of New York Male WikiTree-8
Q96311169 André Canon Possible Father , , male
Marie Mary Legrand aka LeGrand Child uncertain 1763 Female WikiTree-8
Q96311172 Pierre LeGrand Possible Father , , male
Matthias Nicoll aka Nicolls Child uncertain 26 Mar 1626 Islip, Northamptonshire, England uncertain 22 Dec 1687 Islip, Suffolk County, New York Male WikiTree-8
Q96292786 Rev. Matthias Nicoll Possible Father , , male
Neeltie Janse Croon aka Croom, Kroom, Abeel Child uncertain 1630 certain Holland, Nederland certain Sep 1681 Beverwyck, Albany County, New York Female WikiTree-8
Q97008573 Jan Croon Possible Father , , male
Van Lodensteyn-6
Sophia van Lodensteyn Child 6 Oct 1618 Soeterwoude (now Zoeterwoude), Zuid-Holland, Nederland Female WikiTree-8
Q99211951 Jan van Lodensteyn Possible Father , 1 Jan 1629 , male